Friday, September 07, 2007

Quick update

Apologies if this is poorly written, typing on a laptop keyboard is hard.

By way of Raw Story:

Sometime over the weekend, White House computer technicians removed from government Web sites any references to the Office of Administration or its previous compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Luckily, thanks to amazing computer technology we can compare the before and after. The "after" has a familiar disclaimer at the top about a lack of independence and the Office of Administration has shifted into the list of offices that do not respond to Freedom of Information Act requests.

This raises a couple of obvious questions: If the Office of Administration used to respond to FOIA requests and now does not, does that mean that the office itself has somehow changed? Did it used to have more independence than it does now? (Answers: no and no) What prevents other offices from becoming immune to FOIA requests at the whim of the President? (Answer: nothing)

The Bush presidency clearly believes that no executive offices possess independence. The same argument that applies to the Justice Department and the Office of Administration applies equally well to every member of the executive branch.

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