Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Endorse Kodos for President

Kodos drools with anger at having his name spelled incorrectly in the title.

I don't do endorsements. Vote for whoever you want.

It annoys me that from the very start the Democratic race has been billed as Obama vs. Hillary, with Edwards making a cameo. The media creates a chicken-and-egg problem: a candidate does not have buzz, therefore the media doesn't cover him, therefore the candidate does not have buzz. I was saddened to see Chris Dodd depart so soon. Had he gotten the same coverage as Clinton or Obama his numbers would indisputably have risen.

None of the Democratic front-runners align well with the values I blog about.

I don't like telling people who to vote for or even what party to vote for. However I can't understand how anyone could vote for a candidate that is promising to be the next Bush, only more so. (Giuliani, Thompson, Romney and McCain.) If you loved Bush then vote for one of them I suppose. They fall all over each other to claim the Reagan mantle but when you put their policies side by side with the current Bush Administration's the differences are negligible. They are all warmongering anti-Constitutionalists. Romney wants to double Gitmo, Giuliani wants to invade Iran, McCain wants troops in Iraq forever.

I strongly endorse not voting for any of those clowns.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you won't vote at all? What's your stance on those who would vote solely democrat because they became disgusted with the Bush administration’s antics?

undecided said...

That's where we differ, since my vote is with Kang.

Glad I stumbled across your blog, I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Margalis said...

In my opinion the worst Democratic candidate is better than the best Republican candidate. I will be voting, and I will be voting Democrat. (But not in a primary, I'm registered as an Independent)

Neither Huckabee nor Ron Paul would be a continuation of Bush's policies, so should either of those two be the nominee voting for a Democrat out of disgust for Bush doesn't hold water. I still wouldn't vote for either of those two, but for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

I still wouldn't vote for either of those two, but for different reasons.

Well yeah, they're both crazy, imo.

Simpson_Fan081 said...

hrmm...his name is actually Kodos.

Content_Aggregator said...

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Margalis said...

Hmm...apparently it is Kodos. Will change title.

My blog promotion skills are poor...