Monday, January 12, 2009

Defending Sarah Palin is Hard Work

If this picture isn't enough reason to support Sarah Palin you're probably a Communist.

1: Conservative documentary-maker who called the media treatment of Palin a great injustice interviews her as part of a hit-piece on Obama voters and the media.

2: He posts clips of his Palin interview online in which she blames anyone and everyone for her failures and wallows in self-pity and hypocrisy.

3: The Palin people wallow in self-pity over the online clips and accuse said documentary-maker of more unfair treatment. Because the best way to fight the perception that Palin is an incessant whiner is with more whining. The GOP being the party of "personal responsibility" and all that.

Man, defending Palin is a tough gig when even a Palin super-fan is too full of insidious liberal bias to perform a proper interview.

C-SPAN recently televised a forum held late last year at Harvard where top Obama and McCain campaign officials discussed the race. When the subject turned to Palin the McCain people made the following points:
1: That the campaign needed a risky hail-mary.
2: That it doesn't matter who you choose as VP if you don't win - "you need to win first."
3: That Palin has strong positives among die-hard conservatives.

Notable was the complete absence of praise for Palin herself.

John Cole points out a similar defense of Palin, quoting Robert Stacy McCain:

Just as the conservative intellectuals once projected their hopes onto Dubya, now they project their disappointments onto Sarah. But the fault is theirs, not hers. And Sarah has something the intellectuals don’t have—an army. Brother, I’ve seen that army.

So you can take your David Frums and your David Brookses, and let Sarah take that army and, by God, we’ll see whose Republican Party this is.

Once again: Palin is popular among the hardocre Republican crowd. That's her list of strengths in total according to the McCain piece.

I keep reading the piece again and again, thinking I've missed the rousing defense of Palin's intellectual prowess and brilliant policies. Instead what I see is not one but two references to how sexy she is, including a photo of her from the rear that I gather is supposed to make proper red-blooded conservative men horny. (Shamelessly copied above)

I believe this is what's called damning with faint praise.

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